IYL 2015

2015 Year of Light has been a busy year. In 2015 I could focus on solo projects: art installations and architectural projections. Here is a sub-site with the projects in 2015: http://bordos.eu/iyl2015.htm

Black and white version of A-Synchron / projection mapping at Adelaide Festival of Arts 2015

Experimenting with similar content on two different buildings, showing the animations responding in different ways to the architecture and actually experimenting with two different buildings responding in different ways to the animation.

Concept and 3d animation: László Zsolt Bordos (Bordos.ArtWorks) /// Laser scan based 3d modeling: Dániel Szalkó /// Sound: Autodigest / Compression1 / A Compressed History Of Everything Ever Recorded, Vol. 1 / Label: Crónica – Courtesy of the Artist /// Media Server Programming: Pete / TDC /// Technical director: Mark Pennington /// Associate Producer (Visual Arts): Lucy Guster /// Curated by: Craig Morrison /// Festival art director: David Sefton

SPIDRON – sztereó 3d mapping installáció / Új Budapest Galéria / Ápr.13-Aug.23 / 2015

SPIDRON – stereo 3d mapping installation at the New Budapest Gallery / 13Apr.-23Aug.


Megnyitó / Opening:  https://www.facebook.com/events/455604114590659/

Light Workshop – small exhibition at Mucsarnok Kunsthalle / Melycsarnok, Budapest March 8 – 14 / 2015

Connected to the International Light Symposium, the exhibition featured thematic works related to the International Year of Light by members of the International Kepes Society. The exhibition was opened by Attila Csáji, president of the Kepes Society
08 March 2015 – 14 March 2015 / http://kepes.society.bme.hu

Artists: Dieter Jung (DE), Pócsy Ferenc (US), Balázs Telek ( HU), Waltraud Cooper (AU), Gilah Yelin Hirsch (US), István Orosz (HU), Valéria Inkler (HU), Valdemár Mattis-Teutsch (RO), Sally Weber (US), Kuchta Klára (CH), Carlo Bernardini (IT), Antal Kelle (CH), Zoltán Bohus (UK), Bálint Bolygó (UK), László Zsolt Bordos (HU), Éva Bortnyik & Csaba Tubák (AU), Michael Bleyenberg (DE)

Music:  Stockhausen, Kontakte – Teil 1


role: concept, 3d artist

Mapping the Stavanger Domkirke at Screen City Festival, 25.10.2013
Concept and animation: Laszlo Zsolt Bordos /// Music: Johann Johannsson – courtesy of Mute Song /// Technical director: Julian Minde /// Projector’s setup: Sindre Haaland – Conventor /// Organized by Screen City Festival 2013 /// Curator: Daniela Arriado /// Special thanks to: Kristian Ceballos – laser scanning /// Daniel Szalko – additional modelling /// Zsuzsanna Vali – video documentation


an experimental projection where the most important issue was to avoid the architectural mapping cliches  and trying to extend video projection with stroboscopes. The strobo’s were used live as a kind of live strobo-vjing 🙂

role: concept, 3d artist, director

3d artists:   Laszlo Zsolt Bordos, Ivo Kovacs, Daniel Szalko, Andras Balogh Miklos, Adam Sipos /// vvvv artist:  Zsolt Korai
sound:   Ab Ovo: Diaclase /// Datachi: Vector Cannibal
story, concept and direction:  Laszlo Zsolt Bordos (alias Bordos.ArtWorks)
technical director:   Adrien Boulanger
technical equipment:  Lumens 8
organized by: Mapping Festival 2013 and MAH Geneve