A-Synchron presented at Form and Substance: Miami 2015, during Art Basel Miami,  2nd-5th of December 2015 / video coming soon!

Special thanks to the festival organizers: Bryan Dodson and Michelle Penland Dodson, Joel Fitzpatrick, Brian Blessinger, John Ensor Parker, Danny Whetstone, Max Lauter

Photo credits: ‘Form and Substance’


LIGHT STUDY by Bordos.ArtWorks / Van Gogh Year 2015

Light Study is an art installation commissioned by the Glow Festival Eindhoven 2015 in the context of “125 Years of Inspiration” / Van Gogh Year 2015
concept & animation: László Zsolt Bordos
3d modeling: Dániel Szalkó
commissioned by: GLOW Festival 2015
granted by the Glow Foundation in collaboration with BKKC and the Foundation Van Gogh Brabant

 © 2015 / Bordos.ArtWorks & GLOW Foundation

IYL 2015

2015 Year of Light has been a busy year. In 2015 I could focus on solo projects: art installations and architectural projections. Here is a sub-site with the projects in 2015: http://bordos.eu/iyl2015.htm